Why do it myself instead of hiring a contractor?

Price. With your own digger you invest your time into your land, adding value through infrastructure improvements while improving your own enjoyment of your property.

There is no way to explain to a contractor exactly what YOUR vision is for turning YOUR land into YOUR sanctuary. Ultimately you get your contractor’s interpretation of your “feel for it”.

Any hobby farmer knows that the land constantly calls to you for improvement, that you don’t own the land, that it owns you. Only you know what your land is calling for and when it needs it. Personal land development is a type of creative expression. Your digger is your method.

Why own a digger instead of rent?

Owning a digger means you always have a “strong hand” on site at all times for lifting, piling, stacking, holding, shifting and moving heavy loads.

It allows you to go at your own pace:

  • To dig when the water is telling you where it needs to go
  • To dig when the mud has dried up just enough.
  • To dig when YOU have time and inspiration to dig, instead of when you are told a machine will be available or can be delivered

Owning a digger means you don’t have to pay a cleaning fee or spend countless HOURS cleaning a rental machine for return after each and every job on the farm.

Does the machine come with a warranty?

We source only quality name brand “Made in Japan” machines with less than 4,000 hours on the meter. Just like at the auction, our machines are sold “as is, where is” at auction value pricing but without the hassle of standing around all day to be set in direct competition against others who may outbid you or make you pay more than you want to in a pressure sales situation.
Purchasers are freely given every opportunity to inspect and to test machines prior to making a purchase.
All sales are final.